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Deco Miami


Inspired by all things pink, this sheet features tiny gold leaves for an extra delicate touch.

DESIGNS:  horse, pony, lemon, hydrangea, shrimp, chicken, shell, flamingo, rose, floral, pink, flower.
shrimp graphic


Choose your sticker and remove it with tweezers by bending the sheet to grab the edge.

lemon graphic


Place the sticker on the nail where desired and gently press it into the nail until all sides adhere.

pink bow graphic


Seal the sticker with a top coat. UV Gel will work just fine too!


There's no wrong way to wear your stickers. But if you have no idea how to place them on your nail, think of your nail as a grid.


For maximalist looks, apply stickers in the grid method to every nail. For minimalist looks, only apply stickers to one or two accent nails. Showcasing one sticker in the center of the nail is always an option too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Best stickers

I’m obsessed with stickers now. Seriously. Other brands of stickers fall off. These ones don’t and they look amazing and have great designs. I love the variety in the sheets. I came for the lemons but stayed for the bows and flowers and everything else!

Kelli W

So cute and easy to apply! I love everything lemons, and now I have nail stickers to match 💕

Arika Miranda
Best stickers

Amazing quality !!!

Vicky Hallenbeck
Adorable addition to a manicure!

These are just the cutest items to pair up with any manicure. Tweezers are definitely needed, along with patience and working carefully. The first sticker I tried to take off popped like a tiddly-wink into the atmosphere and I haven't found it yet! I couldn't help but laugh at myself and I slowed down to be a bit more gentle. While these can certainly be used alone, I like working with them in small groupings. It was easy to make interesting designs. Sealing them in with top-coat works perfectly. I also used them on my granddaughter's bare nails with top coat for long-lasting adhesion. She was just delighted and I was so pleased to find a kind of manicure that I could manage on her tiny little nails.

Veronica Mason
Hella Cute

These are so easy to apply. I’m super hard on my hands and these make my mani extra cute and don’t peel up! Love ‘em!

Kaitlyn Dolatowski
Amazing stickers!

Believe me, I have stickers from every nail company out there, and I've found that these have the BEST wearability, variety of shapes, value for your money, and also they are so easy to get off the sheet. HIGHLY recommend.

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