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SPARKLE, bb. ✨ This buildable holographic glitter polish can be worn alone or as a topper. Swatches show the polish alone on the nail in two coats.

rainbow nail art sticker


No animal-derived materials are used in Deco's formulas.

pink pony nail art sticker


Animal testing is gross ☹; we don't do it and don't work with suppliers that do either.

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Deco is solely run by a female founder, Jules. (Hi!) ♥

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Goes with everything!

I’m not usually a sparkle girl but I couldn’t resist this beautiful polish! So Extra seems to work over every color and it adds a sparkly textured look (that feels smooth). I think this color works so well because there are tiny flecks of color mixed in with the silver sparkles. I tried it over Mochi and was surprised at how pretty it was! I also tried it over Frenchie which was another great combination!

So Extra

I am Loving these clever names!!! I am honestly hooked on Deco Miami Nail care!! I discovered the brand on Ipsy, and since I received my first polish I have already gotten 16 more within a month or two!! But I had to have as many as these as I could afford because I am in love- there are so many reasons this brand is great. First off; you can get a smaller size bottle because they pointed out the most incredible point- how often do we really finish our nail polish bottles?? I think I may have to order the larger polish on this one and a couple others but the bottle sizes are perfect. Then the esthetic or the bottles is so beautiful and elegant , I don’t feel like they need to be hidden or put away because they only add to the decor. Then the quality of the product is absolutely incredible; I will not be purchasing any more nail polish through any other company; I am Hooked on Deco Miami!! And I Love the clever names; they are so funny and make my husband laugh as well!! I absolutely love playing with beauty stuff!! From makeup to perfume to nail polish I love being a girl and and being feminine!! Thank you so much for this beautiful brand and this Gorgeous color!!

Sandra D

Very cute on it's own. You can build it up for a more sparkle packed nail or lay a sheer coat on a base color. It has a blue shimmer to it so depending on what you match it with, you can make it pop or keep it subtle. The glitter didn't get all over my hands when removing, so a great polish from start to finish!

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