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When I first started working on Deco in 2015, my mission was to create a nail polish brand that millennial women (like myself) could get behind. After an amazing two years of business with one size polish at 6ml, it's time for Deco to expand its product offering and introduce a larger bottle. This bottle will be released this April 2018. I won't say much else except that you'll love it, and there's a patent pending on the design.

Deco will be focused on directly serving the millennial consumer (aka, you) from this point forward, which entails offering wallet-friendly nail products in colors that are trending both on the runway and in the millennial world.

Two years of business have allowed us to take advantage of efficiencies in our supply chain that enable us to deliver new colors faster and at better costs. We want you to feel the benefits of this too, which is why we’ve adjusted our pricing and product launch model to be more in step with fast fashion than luxury retail. Deco’s ultra luxe, vegan, and cruelty-free formula will remain exactly the same. Our focus will be on giving you trendsetting shades every season that you’ll want to show off on Insta, whether it be on your nails or in the bottle.

Thank you for your continued support if you are already a Deco customer, and welcome if this is your first time checking us out. The party's just getting started.

~ Jules
Founder of Deco Miami

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