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Nail art is hard- that's why Deco's mission is to simplify the process so that you can focus on being creative without needing a paintbrush. 



In the spirit of true transparency, we don't want to make you think that we collect nail polish from a tree or something, which is why Deco is moving away from marketing to you in a way that aligns with the clean beauty trend. Don't worry, we haven't made any changes to our formula, and we're just toning down our marketing that highlights ingredientsYou can compare Deco to other nail brands who market as "natural", "non-toxic", "10-free", etc, and you'll find that all of our formulas pretty much have the same stuff in them.

We've made this change because we want to be sure that you make the best decision if you are ever in a situation where your child or pet ingests nail polish (i.e. treat it like an emergency). We also believe that it should be easy to find exactly what's in your makeupwhich is why we display every shade's ingredient list directly on product pages.

Deco is a 100% cruelty-free brand. Deco does not engage in any animal-testing, nor do we purchase raw materials from suppliers who do. All Deco products are vegan friendly and we have no plans to introduce non-vegan products in the future.


Have you ever finished a bottle of nail polish? Like, a whole bottle of nail polish, to the very bottom of it? No? Neither have we. That's what started all of this, coming to realization that there is so much nail polish sitting around our bathrooms that will never make it to our nails. Bigger is usually better, but what's the point in having product that's never used?

That's why Deco's bottles come in a smaller sized option- it's a size that's more practical if you don't tend to finish big bottles of polish. Better yet, Deco's formula is super luxe and opaque in 2-3 coats, so a little bit of product goes a long way.


Where do you keep your nail polish collection? Probably in a shoebox under your bathroom sink? That's exactly why Deco lacquers were designed to be pretty enough to sit on your dresser, because we believe that quality should extend to every feature of a product, especially packaging.

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