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A navy so deep you need a life vest. This navy blue metallic lacquer is opaque in two coats.




Apply 1-2 coats of medium thickness to a dry nail. Let each coat dry before adding another for best results.


Never skip the top coat! Applying a top coat will extend the life of your manicure.


Regularly moisturize your hands and fingers with oils and lotions. Lightly file the sides of your nails to avoid snags.


Size does matter, which is why Deco offers two bottle options for your nail color. Choose the 6ml bottle for shades you'll wear occasionally, or indulge in the 14.8ml size for colors you wear all the time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emily Jackson
Such a good color, my friend took it from me until I asked for it back! Lol

In all honesty, my friend didn’t intentionally take my polish, but she got so caught up in painting her nails with it that she had it in her hand when she went home and realized! lol It’s beautiful, and the metallic adds a shine like no other. One of my favorites yet, and generally I don’t use dark blue hues on my nails. It stays put for a lengthy amount of time too. Definitely worth it!

Brickell Blue

I have recently become a huge fan of Deci Miami and have gone from 2 polishes to 16 Very quickly because I absolutely love this product so much!! This is the best quality nail polish I have Ever used and this picture does not do the actual color Justice! This one and many others have an extra surprise or sheen to them that you can’t see on the pictures; and this Brickell Blue is so incredible looking on your fingers and gives you a feeling of Power is the best way for me to describe it. I think our makeup and nail colors are a great way to express how we are feeling; and it may be misunderstood by others who don’t like dark colors- it is just art to us and we love to express art and show colors that may not be seen often!! This Brickell Blue nail polishes makes me feel like a very organized, hard working female. It brings about a feeling of pride and being hard when needed, but also gentle at times.

Only one coat needed!

I was never really into blue polishes, but I loved how rich and dark Brickell Blue looked. It’s so gorgeous in person, and when it’s not in the light it allllmost looks like a shimmery black. This shade only needs one coat! It’s so deep and pigmented that two coats is only needed to build up the shimmer. Like all Deco polishes it applies smoothly and dries quickly. This did cause some staining on my nails but was easy to cover when repainting them!

Natalie Watkins
Nice depends blue

I was sad when I applied this and could barely see the shimmer! :( Was hoping for more of a metallic look as the description states but it's pretty hard to see. The shade itself is rich and very glossy. Looks good on shorter nails.

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