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Glass Nail File

Glass Nail File
rainbow nail art sticker


No animal-derived materials are used in Deco's formulas.

pink pony nail art sticker


Animal testing is gross ☹; we don't do it and don't work with suppliers that do either.

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Deco is solely run by a female founder, Jules. (Hi!) ♥

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Shanatasha Stratmeyer
My favorite nail file yet

I happened upon this nail file in a subscription service about a year ago and this is my 5th purchase of the glass nail file. It leaves the nail completely smooth and I've never had a file so smooth, no matter what the grit level. I have one in my work stuff, in my purse and on my bedside table. I love that I can wash it because it's glass. I have zero negative comments. It's lovely!

Maricela Arrieta
Pretty little things

Love the nail stickers, great quality and design


Now I understand the hype! I've tried glass files before and they never seemed to file much at all. This file does though! It is so nice and does a clean job of shaping my nails. Will totally buy again, I need all the colors!

Maria Tsiakas
Glass Nail File

Excellent product! Excellent customer service!

Justin Mendez
A guy with dry skin

I use my hands a lot for work so I am washing them a lot. Sometimes when I cut my nails with clippers they look and feel fine but after a few days of washing them and working all the time my hands get to dry that my skin pulls back from the nail and hurts super bad. I have to keep my nails super short for work and I can't keep them moisturized like I should. I got two of these nail files and now I use them instead of clippers. It's actually way easier to keep my nails short this way, but without the pain. I don't know why it works so well. Maybe I just cut them too short to begin with. Anyway I love these nail files. Never going back to clippers.

Emily J
Solid and eye catching!

These nail files will outlast any others. I've never managed to keep one for long, but these nail files are durable as ever. Plus, they're beautiful!

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