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Drink enough of these and you'll wake up speaking español. (Tequila, not lacquer. Don't drink the lacquer.) This canary yellow crème is opaque in 2-3 coats.
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No animal-derived materials are used in Deco's formulas.

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Animal testing is gross ☹; we don't do it and don't work with suppliers that do either.

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Deco is solely run by a female founder, Jules. (Hi!) ♥

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Never dries!

This polish never dries. This is the only shade I've tried but I'd assume the issue is not shade specific. Five days later and it still gets marked up with little dents. My nails are more textured than stucco.

Hi, Kat! Sounds like you're using a top or base coat that's not compatible with Deco's formula- sometimes different polish brands just aren't compatible and the 'never dry' problem happens. Hope you can figure it out, the polish definitely hardens on its own or when used with compatible top coats and base coats. :)

Brightens my day!

While this color is admittedly fickle and requires a little bit more effort, I swear to you it is worth it! I was able to reach full opacity in 2 thick coats/3 thin coats, and even when dried it manages to maintain a glossy, lacquered finish. Yellow polishes are few and far between, and those that I have tried pale in comparison to this guy. My nails look a helluva lot happier sporting this color!

Thank you for your review! It's definitely one of the tricker formulas to work with, but worth it when you figure out how to work with it! <3

Heather Robinette
Sunshine in a Bottle!

Such a vibrant yellow! You do need a few coats to reach full opacity and get the streaks evened out. But besides that, this color is perfect for summer!

Where Have You Been All My Life?!

#lovetequila #dontdrinkit! I personally purchased this color polish through ipsy and was absolutely impressed by the stunning shade and application. Yellow is a complicated shade to pull off and I found this lacquer drying up at the just the right time. The packaging is also to die for and I will be purchasing more products through this website from here on out!

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