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Deco Miami



Inspired by the 70s, you're going to dig all of the flowers and swoops this nail sheet has to offer. The swoops were made to be cut across multiple nails for a continuous design, use nail or cuticle clippers for precise cutting.

DESIGNS:  90s nails, Y2k Nails, peace sign, yin yang, smiley face, daisy, flower, flower power, rainbow, disco, disco ball, sparkle, butterfly, mushroom, ying yang, purple.
yin yang graphic


Choose your sticker and remove it with tweezers by bending the sheet to grab the edge.

rainbow icon


Place the sticker on the nail where desired and gently press it into the nail until all sides adhere.

gold mushroom graphic


Seal the sticker with a top coat. UV Gel will work just fine too!


There's no wrong way to wear your stickers. But if you have no idea how to place them on your nail, think of your nail as a grid.


For maximalist looks, apply stickers in the grid method to every nail. For minimalist looks, only apply stickers to one or two accent nails. Showcasing one sticker in the center of the nail is always an option too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Super cute!

Love this sheet! The stickers are great quality and look super cute. They stick well and also come off easily when you use nail polish remover. Will definitely get other sheets too:)

Jessica C
SO cute and easy to use!

I love these stickers! They’re high quality and I love using them every time I do my nails. I’ve ordered a few designs from Deco now and I love them all! The inspo pics on the website are also helpful. I usually just do a couple stickers on my ring fingers and they really pull together my mani if I’m not sure how to place them :)

Taylor R
No Skips

I want to use every single one of these every day. Cannot stress enough how great the quality and application are

Literally nothing better!!!

I’m slowly growing my collection of Deco Miami stickers and I am obsessed. They’re a dream to apply, they stay on with no trouble, and they look. SO. CUTE!!!! They make nail art really easy for the days that I don’t have time, and I get never-ending compliments on my nails when I wear the stickers. 🫶🏼


These are high quality stickers! I applied one white flower with differently colored centers onto each of my nails with a pastel lavender cream base and it was the perfect spring mani. Deco Miami's top coat works ebst with these nail stickers. Can't wait to use more of them

Kelsey W.
Easy Nail Art

These stickers are awesome for when I want a fun touch but don’t have the time to do full nail art. I also did use these on gel nails and they worked amazing!! Would purchase again.

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