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    Hi! I'm Jules, the founder of Deco Miami. A lot of people want to know how I started Deco, so here's the story of how it happened: 

    At my college homecoming, (William & Mary, go Tribe!) I stayed with my friend who had a huge collection of nail polish sitting in a windowsill of her apartment. All of the polishes looked brand new like they had never been used before, even though my friend insisted that she had painted her nails at least once with every color. Seeing all of that nail polish made me realize that I had never actually finished a bottle of nail polish before, and that it was a little funny that I kept my own collection in a shoebox under my bathroom sink, while I kept other beauty products like my perfume and "prettier" makeup products out on display in my room like they were decorations. It got me thinking: maybe I could create a nail polish so adorable that someone would want to keep it out in their bedroom like a little trinket.

    Over the next couple of months, I spent my free time wandering around makeup aisles and talking to anyone I saw wearing nail polish about nail polish. I was in business school at the time and probably seemed ridiculous to anyone who was sitting behind me in class if they saw me staring at nail polish on my computer during lectures, but I was having so much fun creating the plan for my beauty brand that I couldn't help myself. A few weeks before graduation in July of 2015, I had hashed out most of the details of my would-be brand, and the next logical step was to move forward with it, or stop. As you know, I decided to go for it. 

    Deco is my baby. I designed every creative aspect of the brand myself, from the box design, to the sketches, to the color names, everything, and it's an amazing feeling to see people enjoying something that started out as an idea scribbled down in one of my notebooks. The biggest thing that motivated me to start Deco was that I wanted to create a beauty line for 20-somethings that was run by a 20-something (I'm 24!) because I'm sick of dudes taking over the beauty counter. Having a quality and clean product is just as high a priority for me as having a real and relatable brand. 

    Nail polish has always been my favorite beauty product because there's no rules in the nail game, (...unless you're wearing faux fur on your nails because then I feel uncomfortable... *), and as someone who hates being told what to do and how to be, nail polish is my drug of choice.

    * That was a joke. If you want to wear faux fur on your nails, wear that faux fur. Just please don't touch me with it.