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Deco Miami



No need to struggle for hours trying to paint perfect candy hearts on your nails- the Be Mine nail art sticker sheet does the work for you. This sheet was inspired by all of the sweet treats you devour on Valentine's Day.

DESIGNS: gold, red lips, kiss, smooch, lipstick, cupcake, heart, cake, sweets, dessert, strawberry, candy heart, wings, sparkles, checkered hearts, checkers.
green candy heart graphic


Choose your sticker and remove it with tweezers by bending the sheet to grab the edge.

cherry heart graphic


Place the sticker on the nail where desired and gently press it into the nail until all sides adhere.

yellow candy heart graphic


Seal the sticker with a top coat. UV Gel will work just fine too!


There's no wrong way to wear your stickers. But if you have no idea how to place them on your nail, think of your nail as a grid.


For maximalist looks, apply stickers in the grid method to every nail. For minimalist looks, only apply stickers to one or two accent nails. Showcasing one sticker in the center of the nail is always an option too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Not rocket science, just bend the sheet

These stickers are so cute and fun! They made me feel confident about being able to give myself a really fun and creative manicure. A lot of the shapes were even small enough to apply to my 5 year old’s nails and she loved them too! Thanks for making such a fun and user friendly product.

So cute!

I can't get over how cute these nail stickers are! So glad I ordered a few sheets because I'm already addicted! They add so much to my nails but are so easy to use

Nancy B
Works amazingly well!

I’ve tried other nail stickers to take my manis to the next level but they don’t stick or sit right on the nail. These do! Add a good layer of top coat is you’re done!

the SWEETEST stickers!

Absolutely love this Be Mine sheet! Every single sticker is perfection. I personally love the candy hearts and clouds together…obsessed! My collection of Deco Miami keeps growing!

Love these stickers!!

These nail stickers are the best ones I’ve used. They are really easy to apply and they stay on really well. they’re also super cute!! I ordered some nail polishes too and they are absolutely beautiful!!

Vanessa Meradi
Lovely ♥️💖♥️

I’m so happy to have this adorable nail stickers 🥰🥰🥰 I’ve already purchased some last year and the thing is that their quality is above the top ! Unfortunately for me… I live in France and since last july, all of our international purchases are highly taxed… ouch… so it’s really frustrating to buy gorgeous stuff for really interesting price and pay the double in fees… but I ça n’y resist to your lovely stickers so😅! Much love from France,
Vanessa 😘🥰💖.

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