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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lynn Wallace
Top coat

Works good. Hold my beads and stickers in place. I would buy again

Mary Morse
Mind blowing

It’s such a good top coat that I only use it if I really love a manicure because it’s just THAT good. It’s my new holy grail topcoat! Keeps polish and nail stickers on for over a week or more. Isn’t goopy, doesn't wreak of a heavy scent like most topcoats do! You won’t be disappointed

Erica L
Best base top coat!!

This is THE best base top coat polish I've ever used. I am very rough on manicures but this protects my color from chipping for days! It drys beautifully, super shiny, an excellent product. I love that this product is also made in the USA!

Thin and smooth

Honestly freaking love it. I got acrylic nails for years. During 2020 I got rid of them and started painting my nails myself. To find out that I would do a base coat of some random brand and then 3 coats of color and then a top coat. When my nails grew out in 2 days there would be a ridge that would hook my hair when I ran my fingers through. So I researched for a great brand to put my money into to get the best quality for my money. Well I found Deco Miami and now have a collection of 12 colors or products. This base/top coat is super thin but has completely protected my color. It really adhered to the nail to prevent chipping and the top coat really seals the color to wear it longer than any drugstore brand I've tried and I tried them all. As of January 2021 I threw out every polish I have that wasn't Deco Miami. I didn't need them. I have polishes I can do 5 coats and it not be so thick its like a cliff that my hair hooks on too. The color also lasts and 5 days later my nails still look awesome!

Camille Goldner
So happy!

Besides being all of the amazing things that Deco Miami is like cruelty free and made in the USA, their polishes go on smoothly and cover nicely, dry quickly and are (in my opinion) the best! I just got the watermelon cuticle oil too and the scent is so delicious and sweet but not too strong! I just love this brand!!!


No animal-derived materials are used in Deco's formulas.


Animal testing is gross ☹; we don't do it and don't work with suppliers that do either.


Deco is solely run by a female founder, Jules. (Hi!) ♥



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