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Deco Miami


Inspired by all of your favorite middle school Y2K doodles.

DESIGNS: boba, alien, spaceship, flower, daisy, sugar, flower face, happy face, bandaid, butterfly, checkered, checkers, peeps, marshmallows, dice, pink dice, smiley, cherry, bubble tea.
black daisy graphic


Choose your sticker and remove it with tweezers by bending the sheet to grab the edge.

heart yin yang graphic


Place the sticker on the nail where desired and gently press it into the nail until all sides adhere.

daisy graphic


Seal the sticker with a top coat. UV Gel will work just fine too!


There's no wrong way to wear your stickers. But if you have no idea how to place them on your nail, think of your nail as a grid.


For maximalist looks, apply stickers in the grid method to every nail. For minimalist looks, only apply stickers to one or two accent nails. Showcasing one sticker in the center of the nail is always an option too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kelly Edwardsen
Best Nail Art Stickers Around!

I’m someone that works with their hands A LOT so my nail polish/stickers have to be able to take a lot. These are hands down the best nail stickers I’ve ever used. Not only is every sticker so cute and creative but they actually stay on!! I am a huge fan and a lifetime buyer! ❤️


These are the easiest way to make your nails look so cute! They're so easy to apply and the designs are so unique and adorable! I love that these allow me to get quality nail art at home.

Nicile Schneider


Tingan Lin

These are sooooooo cute and adorable!
I can’t stop using them.

Nancy Romero
Little bit of everything

So I used some stickers from Lulas, Retrograde, Stars in your eyes and Be Mine for my take on valentines 💕
The application is easy. I use the same tweezers for my eyebrows however I would recommend rubber tipped tweezers.
If you face a little tension from removing the stickers with regular tweezers sometimes it’ll rip the sticker 😞. They’re delicate but once it’s on the nail with a top coat of any kind it’s staying 😄
That doesn’t mean i have issue with every single sticker lol it’s about 2 or 3 out of all of them.
They’re great stickers, truly love and recommend.

Rose-Marie Clément
Already addicted!

I saw these on Tiktok, got inspired by someone who said they give you cuter nails when you have to take a break from nail polish and put some hardener.

I LOVE THEM! I placed a second order as soon as I tried them.

The quality is impeccable, the designs are adorable, they are easy to use and they stay on perfectly.

I used to do a lot of nail art but these are so much easier and prettier!

They make me happy everytime I glance at them!

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